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  • Decare — The decare is a unit for the measurement of area, generally used for land area. One decare (from deka , 10 and are ) is the same as 10 ares, which is the same as 1000 square metres. Though its base unit, the are, was defined by older forms of the …   Wikipedia

  • decare — ˈdeˌk+ noun ( s) Etymology: French décare, from déca deca + are : a metric unit of area equal to 10 ares, 1000 square meters, or 0.2471 acre * * * decare /dekˈär, dek ärˈ/ noun 1000 square metres, 10 ares ORIGIN: Gr deka ten, and ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • decare — noun Etymology: French décare, from déca deca + are Date: 1810 a metric unit of area equal to 10 ares or 0.2471 acre …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • decare — dec·are (dĕkʹâr , är ) n. A metric unit of area equal to 10 ares. * * * …   Universalium

  • decare — noun A unit of surface area equal to 10 ares (that is, 1,000 square metres, or approximately 0.25 acres) …   Wiktionary

  • decare — n. dekare, metric unit of area that equals 10 ares …   English contemporary dictionary

  • decare — dec·are …   English syllables

  • decare —    see dekare …   Dictionary of units of measurement

  • Hectare — Comparison of Area units Unit SI 1 ca 1 m2 1 a 100 m2 1 ha 10,000 m2 100 ha 1 km2 non SI comparisons non SI metric 0.3861 sq mi 1 km2 …   Wikipedia

  • Dunam — A dunam or dönüm, dunum, donum, dynym, dulum was a non SI unit of land area used in the Ottoman Empire and representing the amount of land that can be plowed in a day; its value varied from 900–2500 m². In many formerly Ottoman regions, it is now …   Wikipedia

  • Parks and open spaces in Oslo — Parks and open spaces are an integral part of the landscape of Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway. The various parks and open spaces are interconnected by paths so the city s inhabitants can walk between them.As the city expanded in the …   Wikipedia

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